Taeyeon Girls’ Generation’s Solo Concert was enthusiastically welcomed not only by fans but also by a series of popular K-Pop idols who attended to see her performance.



LIATHARGA.MY.ID – Tae Yeon from SNSD (Girls’ Generation) has proven her influence on her juniors in K-Pop tonight, Saturday (3/6). Her solo concert titled “The ODD Of LOVE” finally started at the KSPO DOME.

In the concert, not only fans were seen scrambling for tickets, but also a number of famous idols. Several popular idols were caught on camera entering or already inside the concert venue with Taeyeon.

One of them is Doyoung from NCT, who is widely known as a Taeyeon fanboy. He even casually attended the concert alone without other NCT members.



Photo from Twitter



Furthermore, Karina from aespa also came to show support to her fellow group member in Girls on Top GOT The Beat. Several SEVENTEEN (II) members were also captured on camera entering the building.

Seungkwan, Hoshi, Vernon, and Dino were among those handsome idols sitting together, enjoying Taeyeon’s performance. These idols were recorded sitting in front of Karina.

All members of LE SSERAFIM also took the time to watch this second-generation idol’s concert. They arrived in a casual style, seen entering the building from where their van was parked.

SNSD’s maknae Seohyun also took the time to support her groupmate. She was very friendly to the fans when she came out at the parking lot. Seohyun managed to strike a few poses and chat with the fans before entering the venue.

In addition, Taemin from SHINee was reported to have also attended Taeyeon’s concert. Later, Son Na Eun sat next to SEVENTEEN during the concert of this beautiful idol born in 1989. Mukbang YouTuber Haetnim was also revealed to be present, showing support for Taeyeon.