She Come to Me (2023)

Comedy  | Drama | Romance                                                                                                       

Set slightly in the future, after severe climate change has ruined farmland. A farmer and his wife struggle on one of the last remaining farms until a knock on the door changes things.

  • Runtime : 1h 50m
  • Country : United States
  • Director : Rebecca Miler
  • Writers : Rebecca Miler
  • Producer Companies : Round Films . Killer Films
Peter Dinklage Peter Dinklage Steven Lauddem
Anne Hathaway Anne Hathaway Patricia Jessup-Lauddem
Marisa Tomei Marisa Tomei Katrina Trento
Evan Ellison Evan Ellison Julian Jessup (as Evan A. Ellison)
Harlow Jane Harlow Jane Tereza Szyskowski
Joanna Kulig Joanna Kulig Magdalena Szyskowski
Brian d'Arcy James Brian d’Arcy James Trey Ruffa
Judy Gold Judy Gold Susan Shaw
Anthony Roth Costanzo Anthony Roth Costanzo Countertenor at Fundraiser
Samuel H. Levine Samuel H. Levine Raef Gundel (as Sam Levine)
Sue Jean Kim Sue Jean Kim Sister Henrietta
Gregg Edelman Gregg Edelman Duftin Haverford
Aalok Mehta Aalok Mehta Anton Gatner
Chris Gethard Chris Gethard Carl
Dale Soules Dale Soules Aunt Moxie
Sandos Diaz Sandos Diaz Des
Joseph Oltman Joseph Oltman Pete
Tommy Buck Tommy Buck Bartender
George Sheanshang George Sheanshang Harry Schuster
Francesca Faridany Francesca Faridany Maxine Haverford
Bryan Terrell Clark Bryan Terrell Clark Frank Hall
Tamya Taylor Tamya Taylor Tanya
Grace Slear Grace Slear Miranda
James Lancel McElhinney James Lancel McElhinney Jim, Union Reenactment General
Mo Stark Mo Stark Helmut
Jen Ponton Jen Ponton Elodie
Peter Bedrossian Peter Bedrossian Confederate Reenactment Officer
Levi Levi Levi
Isabel Leonard Isabel Leonard Chloe (‘She Came to Me’ Tugboat Opera)
Emmett O'Hanlon Emmett O’Hanlon Male Opera Singer (‘She Came to Me’ Tugboat Opera)
Clotilde Otranto Clotilde Otranto Conductor (‘She Came to Me’ Tugboat Opera)
Timo Andres Timo Andres Reharsal Pianist (‘She Came to Me’ Tugboat Opera)
Greer Grimsley Greer Grimsley Generalissimo (‘Hurry Hurry’ Space Opera)
Alicia Hall Moran Alicia Hall Moran Priest / Narrator (‘Hurry Hurry’ Space Opera)
David Morgan Sanchez David Morgan Sanchez Julio (‘Hurry Hurry’ Space Opera)
Olivia Dei Cicchi Olivia Dei Cicchi Clareza (‘Hurry Hurry’ Space Opera)
Oscar Rodriguez Oscar Rodriguez Henchman (‘Hurry Hurry’ Space Opera)
Evan Copeland Evan Copeland Henchman (‘Hurry Hurry’ Space Opera)
Kate Jewett Kate Jewett River Nymph
Jin Ju Song-Begin Jin Ju Song-Begin River Nymph
Imani Frazer Imani Frazer River Nymph
Jack Blackmon Jack Blackmon River Nymph
Dwayne Brown Dwayne Brown River Nymph
Cole Lynn Cole Lynn River Nymph