Foe (2023)

Drama  | Sci-Fi | Thriller                                                                                                         

Set slightly in the future, after severe climate change has ruined farmland. A farmer and his wife struggle on one of the last remaining farms until a knock on the door changes things.

  • Runtime : 1h 50m
  • Country : Australia
  • Director : Garth Davis
  • Writers : Iain Reid . Garth Davis
  • Producer Companies : Co-production Australia-United States-United Kingdom; I Am That . Amazon Studios . Anonymous Content . See-Saw Films. Distributor: Amazon Prime Video
Saoirse Ronan Saoirse Ronan Hen
Paul Mescal Paul Mescal Junior
Aaron Pierre Aaron Pierre Terrance
Jordan Chodziesner Jordan Chodziesner Formal Escort 1
William Freeman William Freeman Formal Escort 2
Jalen Ong Jalen Ong Computer Technician 1
Patrick Williams Patrick Williams Computer Technician 2
David Woods David Woods VIP 1
Yesse Spence Yesse Spence VIP 2
Shamita Siva Shamita Siva VIP 3
Tahlee Fereday Tahlee Fereday PA
Shannon Berry Shannon Berry Waitress
Nell Feeney Nell Feeney Tailing Waitress
Trevor Major Trevor Major Wedding Guest
Jasper Bagg Jasper Bagg Diner
Sancia Robinson Sancia Robinson Ordering Diner
Goran D. Kleut Goran D. Kleut Smoking Man By The Tree
Travis McMahon Travis McMahon Lunch Room Co-Worker
Alessandro Guerrera Alessandro Guerrera Lunch Room Co-Worker 2
Tony Ghosthawk Tony Ghosthawk Celebrant
Chris Fagan Chris Fagan Corporate Diner
Matthew Campbell Matthew Campbell Second Man
Nick Downing Nick Downing Assailant
George George George George Anethestist
Zia Kelly Zia Kelly Medical Staff
Puven Pather Puven Pather Medical Staff
Michael M. Foster Michael M. Foster Medical Staff
Adrian Pickering Adrian Pickering Medical Staff
Tim Domett Tim Domett Medical Staff
Lincoln Barros Lincoln Barros Runner
Demi Sorono Demi Sorono Runner
Gavin Coleman Gavin Coleman Runner
Alex Yakimov Alex Yakimov Runner
Ri-Jie Kwok Ri-Jie Kwok Runner
Jim Knobeloch Jim Knobeloch News Reporters
Belinda McClory Belinda McClory News Reporter
Jane Harber Jane Harber News Reporter
Kwame N. Kamara Kwame N. Kamara Outermore Barman (as Kwame Kamara)
Laura Gordon Laura Gordon Outermore Cafe Customer
Nicholas Denton Nicholas Denton Outermore Market Trader
Ayuko Sutton Ayuko Sutton Outermore Office Worker
Rest of cast listed alphabetically:
Jeriya Benn Jeriya Benn Child (voice) (uncredited)
JJ Pantano JJ Pantano Child (voice) (uncredited)