Influencer (2023)

Rating ⭐️ 6.2/10
Genre Horror . Mystery . Thriller
Runtime 1h 32m
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Ifluencer (2023) – When struggling on a solo backpacking journey in Thailand, social media influencer Madison encountered CW, who traveled effortlessly and exhibited a more liberated lifestyle. However, CW’s interest in her took a darker turn. We might be in the early stages of the “Social Media Horror” genre, as international reliance on apps like Instagram, TikTok, and Twitter fuels scriptwriters to delve into their terrifying depths.

The truth is, most of them so far have been less frightening than the notifications cruelly reminding me of my average screen time at the end of the week and my addiction. It often portrays the simple horror of online life, making me approach “Influencer, now on Shudder,” with a dose of intoxicating skepticism. I was rewarded with a thriller that, like most people on those apps, isn’t what it seems.

It’s an effective, twisting tale that’s certainly better approached with the same lack of awareness or expectation that I had because it pulls the rug out from under the audience after the first act and continues to spin into unpredictable new directions. It’s cleverly made, well-written, and powerfully executed.

I’m not sure it functions as a social media commentary, but it’s unquestionably an entertaining thriller about someone who deems the Insta world shallow enough to hide their sociopathic behavior. Do you think living online is dangerous? There are still some very real dangers in the offline world as well.

Initially, “Influencer” feels like it might play out like the social media era’s “Hostel,” a tale of someone trying to turn international travel into picturesque sights only to discover there are dangerous corners of the world not seen on TikTok.

However, there’s a melancholy in Emily Tennant’s portrayal that hints at something deeper from the start. She plays Madison, someone who became famous on Instagram mostly just by being herself but seems to struggle to maintain her smile when she’s not filming. She poses, photographs her food, and probably makes a lot of money by endorsing free products as an influencer.

She surely has enough income to support her travels, bringing her to the beautiful yet effectively filmed Thailand by cinematographer David Schuurman. Yes, it’s beautiful, but it also looks like the kind of place where a woman traveling alone could get lost and never be seen again.