Cabin Girl (2023)

Rating ⭐️ 5.2/10
Genre Horror . Thriller
Runtime 1h 27m
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Cabin Girl (2023) – When an influencer from the van-life community moves into an isolated cabin, she discovers that the cabin has a dark history and is haunted by troubled spirits. It’s time to stop sleeping on Tubi Originals. Certainly, the Terror Train duo sets a low standard; there’s no argument there. But there is a stream of quality horror films available for free (with ads) on their platform. Trap House, Godless: The Eastfield Exorcism, and Bury the Bride all prove to be good movies. Cabin Girl, although having one major flaw, joins the latter group.

Ava (Rose Lane Sanfilippo) is a social media personality. Unlike many recent horror films that deal with internet celebrities, Cabin Girl doesn’t subscribe to the cliché that “everyone online is fake.” In fact, Ava comes across as very authentic. She lost her parents a few years before the events of the film, which makes her genuinely care about sharing her life with the people who follow her. She’s happy to have people in her life who care, even if they are behind the screen.

Ava gained fame by broadcasting her life, spending time in her van. Dubbed as the Van Girl, her followers grow concerned when she suddenly stops airing one day. It turns out Van Girl had a major car accident and had to leave the van life—at least temporarily.

Her doctor said she had to stay away from the road for a few months due to increased physical and mental trauma. Constant flashes of deer faces in her mind confirm that Ava needs peace. And peaceful she finds it, putting her life savings into a cabin in the woods.

Van Girl restarts her live streaming and becomes Cabin Girl. There’s a bit of romance with the man who helped her on the night of the accident, and a bit of danger with a stalker who gets as close to her in real life as he does online. Cabin Girl has all the ingredients to make a great live stream and also a great movie.