Cobweb (2023) Full Movie

Rating ⭐️ 7.9/10
Genre Horror . Thriller
Runtime 1h 28m
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Cobweb (2023) Movie – Eight-year-old Peter was disturbed by mysterious and constant knocks in his bedroom wall, dismissed by his parents as mere products of his imagination. As Peter’s fear escalated, he began to believe that his parents might be hiding terrifying and dangerous secrets, questioning their trust. Something happened one night in Peter’s bedroom. Suddenly, the bumps in the night sounded like trapped voices within the walls.

Initially frightening, as his parents grew more frustrated with his behavior, the wall’s voices became a source of comfort, like a bodiless guardian angel. Soon, as Peter would realize, not everything was as it seemed, and its advice wasn’t always benign.

Although Samuel Bodin’s strange and unusual world of “The Cobweb” carried a disconcerting energy, thanks to Philip Lozano’s unsettling cinematography, the world failed to reach its ambitious frightening potential. The fear of jumpscares felt less tense, and the twists were predictable. The atmosphere was delicate, but that’s all it was. It lacked substance, like a pot of water that never seemed to boil. Be cautious, something was amiss, and its ingredients never quite merged into a satisfying dish.

Basic elements of a horror film were present. We had Peter (Woody Norman), a bullied loner who heard things he shouldn’t and whose Halloween was ruined by his perplexing parents, Carol (Lizzy Caplan) and Mark (Antony Starr). There was also a caring teacher named Miss Devine (Cleopatra Coleman), more concerned about Peter’s well-being than his parents, and then there was the voice from another world within the walls, a character that was a surprise I won’t spoil.

Despite the eerie supernatural nature and yes, spiders, Bodin and writer Chns Thomas Devlin (who previously wrote the 2022 remake of “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre”) had the framework of a horror film, but nothing felt perfect.