Warhorse One (2023)

Rating ⭐️ 5.5/10
Genre Action . Drama . War
Runtime 2h
Link Watch https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Sm18_ycOdqfFRoeLa720mLCIsOCjLOzG/view?usp=sharing

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Warhorse One (2023) – The Navy SEAL Master Chief who was shot dead must guide a child to safety through the hostile Taliban insurgent challenges and survive in the brutal wilderness of Afghanistan. Set in the final days of U.S. involvement in Afghanistan, “Warhorse One” opens with one of the characters saying, “Three governments put this together, now this one wants to leave and let the enemy take over the country, conveniently forgetting that the third government ordered the release of thousands of Taliban prisoners and then signed an agreement to withdraw American forces.”

Despite the overt political propaganda, I probably should have canceled my rental and looked for something else to watch, but because I’m a stubborn rascal, I kept watching. I should have trusted my instincts. The opening conversation concludes with a SEAL team led by Master Chief Richard Mirko (Johnny Strong, known as Warhorse One) being sent to rescue a missionary and his family pursued by the Taliban. On their way there, their helicopter is shot down, Mirko is thrown from the aircraft, and not only does he survive the fall, but he also dusts himself off and decides to complete the mission on his own.

If he and his wife want to take the risk, that’s one thing, but condemning their children to death is just cruel. And why, because he’s doing God’s work, and God didn’t save their collective assets; was He too busy preventing Mirko from falling? But if He really saved him, we wouldn’t be watching this dollar store version of Extraction, would we?

This is Strong’s film; besides starring in it, he also co-wrote and co-directed it with William Kaufman (known for Sinners and Saints, Daylight’s End), wrote the music, worked on VFX, did the editing, makeup, props, and probably some other things. He is missed. So, most of the praise and/or criticism for the outcome of Warhorse One can largely be attributed to him. Unfortunately, there are more flaws to address.