To Catch a Killer (2023) Full Movie

Rating ⭐️ 6.8/10
Genre Action . Crime . Drama
Runtime 1h 59m
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Watch To Catch a Killer (2023) – On New Year’s Eve in Baltimore, a talented but troubled police officer is recruited by the head FBI investigator to assist in profiling and tracking down a mass murderer. After a deadly sniper attack kills 29 people on New Year’s Eve, FBI investigator Geoffrey Lammark (Ben Mendelsohn) informs the Baltimore Police Department that their suspect is atypical, reminding them that he is human and that “someone loved him, someone trained him, and someone sold him the weapon.”

Among those listening is a young police officer named Eleanor (Shailene Woodley, who also serves as a producer), the first responder on the night of the attack. They both attempt to navigate a corrupt system that prioritizes public opinion over public safety in “To Catch a Killer” by Damián Szifron.

The thriller, co-written by Szifron and Jonathan Wakeham, aims to use the serial killer film formula to critique our failing system, depicting everything from politicians to the FBI, police departments, media, jingoistic fascists, military-industrial complexes, NRA, limited access to healthcare, and mental healthcare. However, its ambition exceeds its ability.

Despite Szifron and cinematographer Javier Julia’s stylish and sufficiently bright work, their efforts are hampered by an overly dense plot and underdeveloped characters. Woodley’s Eleanor is introduced similarly to Angelina Jolie’s character in the far superior entry in the genre, Phillip Noyce’s “The Bone Collector” from 1999.

Upon arriving at the shooting location, a nearby apartment explodes. Her quick thinking leads her to have other officers record the faces of people fleeing the destruction, ensuring the shooter isn’t among them. That the script doesn’t use this moment to say anything about our current state of surveillance remains a peculiar oversight. Later, while investigating the remnants of the bombed apartment, she helps the FBI think outside the box regarding places where the perpetrator’s DNA might be left.

After fishing out debris from a toilet, they discover the suspect lacks iron, and therefore, might be a vegetarian. This new perspective prompts Lammark to reassign Eleanor as the liaison between BPD and the FBI. From there, the film moves through investigative beats exactly as you would expect, with Eleanor lending her intellect to Lammark and his team, including charismatic FBI Agent Jack Mackenzie (Jovan Adepo).