The Super Mario Bros. Movie (2023) Full Movie

Rating ⭐️ 7.3/10
Genre Animation . Adventure . Comedy
Runtime 1h 32m
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When working underground to repair water pipes, Brooklyn’s plumber – and brothers – Mario and Luigi are transported into a mysterious pipe and venture into a new, magical world. However, when the brothers are separated, Mario embarks on an epic quest to find Luigi.

One thing that every great Mario game, from classic 2D titles like Super Mario World to 3D installments like Super Mario 64 or the recent Nintendo Switch masterpiece, Super Mario Odyssey, shares is effortless charisma. There’s no convoluted backstory, no cynical attitude, no pretension whatsoever; just straightforward video game fun, elevated by vibrant visuals, tight controls, and an attention to detail bordering on perfectionism.

Illumination and Universal’s “The Super Mario Bros Movie,” their second attempt at a big-screen adaptation of the game franchise after the highly unsuccessful “Super Mario Bros (1993),” gets a lot of things about Mario right, often with great effort. The Mushroom Kingdom, the enchanting land where most of the film takes place, looks remarkably similar to the Mushroom Kingdom in the games.

Fire flowers, super stars, and question block boxes all look, sound, and function as they should, and when the famous annoying blue shells make an appearance, they spin, crash, and explode in the exact same way as their source material. Even Mario himself (voiced by the unassuming and harmless Chris Pratt), who doesn’t sound like Mario in the game, still manages to deliver trademark phrases like “It’s-a me” and “Let’s-a go.”

But despite the painstaking attention to detail, its tone is off, trading the simple, unaffected charm that has served the character so well since his debut in 1981 for a sharp and silly air that relies on winking humor and bland, dated irony. It’s Mario in a Marvel mold; every line is a punchline, every joke a mysterious meta reference for the bookish crowd who can never get enough of that sort of thing. Offering spaghetti with mushrooms, Mario wrinkles his nose and says he hates mushrooms, even though in the game he always eats mushrooms. Sounds fun, right?