The Dive (2023) Full Movie

Rating ⭐️ 6.6/10
Genre Thriller
Runtime 1h 31m
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The Dive (2023) – Two sisters went diving in a beautiful and remote location. One of the sisters was hit by a rock, trapping her 28 meters underwater. With very low oxygen levels and cold temperatures, her younger sister had to fight for her life. Like “Fall” from last year or “127 Hours” by Danny Boyle, “The Dive” by Max Erlenwein is another thriller about people trapped in life-threatening situations.

The film has a strong and relevant premise, and the 2020 Norwegian remake “Breaking Surface” by Erlenwein captures the challenging premise of being trapped underwater with diminishing oxygen. However, its storytelling is too thin, and the tension is lightweight because Erlenwein often breaks it with flashbacks and a lack of real suspense. “The Dive” feels routine, a wet journey from point A to point B that doesn’t offer something compelling enough to make it stand out in the summer lineup.

To be fair, Sophie Lowe is effective as Drew, May’s younger sister (Louisa Krause), who is sometimes estranged from her. While Drew is enthusiastic about their current venture, May clearly has something on her mind that won’t be resolved with an adventure. Flashbacks will reveal the tension between these siblings as they prepare to dive. What better way to heal sibling drama than by risking your lives? Filmed in Malta, the landscape of “The Dive” is just as barren above the surface as it is below.

Erlenwein’s camera makes it clear that these women are in the middle of nowhere with no help nearby when trouble strikes. One of the best shots in “The Dive” is when cinematographer Frank Grebe lets a drone fly in a way that shows the lack of human civilization around these women. Even the house Drew finds at the end of the film looks abandoned. It’s almost post-apocalyptic due to the absence of humanity.

May and Drew explore several deep underwater caves, finding a cave with breathable oxygen. As they continue their exploration, something goes wrong on the surface, causing rocks to fall into the water. May avoids the storm of rocks, but Drew is pinned under one of the projectiles. She can’t move. The clock starts ticking. Can Drew get an additional oxygen tank and a jack to free her sister?

On her first mission, she has twenty minutes before she has to return with both. Of course, it’s not that simple. While it’s commendable that Ertenwein treats May and Drew with respect—they make well-considered decisions rather than foolish ones that would only worsen the situation—there’s too little substance to the film. It’s too straightforward overall, with some very dark underwater photography and decent performances, but nothing to captivate the audience.