Rumble Through the Dark (2023)


In the dark landscape of the Mississippi Delta, a bare knuckle cage fighter seeks to repay his debts in a final, desperate attempt to salvage the family home of his dying foster mother.

  • Runtime : 1h 56m
  • Country  : United States
  • Director : Graham Phillips . Parker Phillips
  • Writter   : Michael Farris Smith
  • Producer Companies : Crooked Letter Picture Company . Elevated Films
Bella Thorne Bella Thorne Annette
Aaron Eckhart Aaron Eckhart Jack Boucher
Ritchie Coster Ritchie Coster Baron
Marianne Jean-Baptiste Marianne Jean-Baptiste Big Momma Sweet
Derek Russo Derek Russo Ax
Virginia Newcomb Virginia Newcomb Jenny
Liz Fenning Liz Fenning Curvy Luck
Joe Hursley Joe Hursley Skelly
Devyn Sandidge Devyn Sandidge Cage Fight Goer
Ritchie Montgomery Ritchie Montgomery Rhett
Mike McColl Mike McColl Ricky Joe
Susan McPhail Susan McPhail Motel Woman
Beau Hart Beau Hart Rughaired Boy
Elaina Guidry Elaina Guidry Mom
Ronnie Yelverton Ronnie Yelverton Fight Guest
Jared Losano Jared Losano Bounty Hunter
Amanda Saunders Amanda Saunders Maryann
Christopher Winchester Christopher Winchester Ern
Calvin Williams Calvin Williams Big Momma Sweet’s Body Gaurd
Scott Green Scott Green Final Fight Guest
Jaquiez Douglas Jaquiez Douglas Man with Cigar
Jeanne Caldarera Jeanne Caldarera Older Mary Anne
Wyatt Denny Wyatt Denny Joe Bob
Darrett Sanders Darrett Sanders Motel Mechanic
John R. Bennett II John R. Bennett II Cage Fight Attendee
Cullen Aldridge Cullen Aldridge Baby Jack
Michael A. Waycaster Michael A. Waycaster Young Jack
G. Tremain Merrell G. Tremain Merrell Man by BBQ
Xander Tipton Xander Tipton Background Bully
Stephen Thaxton Stephen Thaxton Casino Patron
Leona R. Bennett Leona R. Bennett Cage Fight Attendee
Jackie Andrews Jackie Andrews Biker fight ring side
Mark Gilbreath Mark Gilbreath Fight guest
Courtney Aldridge Courtney Aldridge Baby Jacks Mom