Insidious: The Red Door (2023) Full Movie

Rating ⭐️ 6.8/10
Genre Horror . Mystery . Triller
Runtime 1h 47m
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To stop the demons once and for all, Josh Lambert and Dalton Lambert, who is still in college, must venture deeper into The Further than ever before, confronting their dark family history and a series of new and more terrifying terrors lurking behind the red door. The procession of five films spanning over a decade with “The Red Door” as the premise, the Insidious franchise offers an impressive longevity, albeit without a distinctive character (like Freddy, Jason, Michael Myers, or other iconic Halloween costumes) or a narrative device (such as Saw’s self-inflicted torture or Final Destination’s inevitable Rube Goldberg fate). However, the Insidious pictures have yielded four surprise hits, each grossing over $100 million despite lacking a defining feature.

The unifying premise of the money-making Blumhouse hit factory is reliably unsettling, challenging audiences to wonder, “What if something terrifying leaped toward you and then disappeared?” The closest thing to a recurring mascot is a ghost that resembles Darth Maul, alternately referred to by fans as the Man With Fire on His Face, Lipstick-Faced Demon, Red-Faced Demon, or Sixtass, and in any case, he’s pretty light on charisma.

The first few chapters greatly benefit from the steady directorial hands of James Wan and Leigh Whannell, genre-savvy individuals with a strong foundation who know how to use the camera to coax every bit of tension from the otherwise run-of-the-mill material. This time, star Patrick Wilson takes the reins and reveals how little has held the property together so far. Without inventive blocking and framing, each scene follows a rote pattern as clichéd as studio horror storytelling’s oldest tricks.

There are heavy-handed murmurs about repression and the generational cycle of trauma, a figure lurking just out of focus in the background, moments of silence to build false security, and then cinematography equivalent to grabbing someone’s shoulder and shouting “BOO!” in their ear. If these cheap tricks elicit any reaction at all,

For its main merits and shortcomings, actor turned cinema Wilson set out to make something more standout from the previously unremarkable setup, only to get trapped in a metaphorical wormhole. Shortly after the end of the second film – the convoluted sequel and prequel chronology doesn’t spoil the job too much, at least – the Lambert family has agreed to undergo therapeutic hypnosis to forget the horrific events they’ve experienced, having just survived.

Ten years later, and Josh (Wilson) has separated from Renai (the less mentioned Rose Byrne), while their son Dalton (Ty Simpkins) has grown into a sullen and resentful teenager rolling his eyes through visits with his father. In a last-ditch effort to bond, Josh takes it upon himself to drive Dalton to campus for his college move-in weekend.