Dear David (2023)

Horror  | Thriller                                                                                                        

A man is haunted by the ghost of a boy named David, who is trying to kill him.

  • Runtime : 1h 34m
  • Country : United States
  • Director : John McPhail
  • Writers : Adam Ellis. Story: Evan Turner . Mike Van Waes
  • Producer Companies :Buzzfeed Studios . BuzzFeed Motion Pictures . CR8IV DNA, Lionsgate
Justin Long Justin Long Bryce
Augustus Prew Augustus Prew Adam Ellis
Andrea Bang Andrea Bang Evelyn
Rachel Wilson Rachel Wilson Linda
René Escobar Jr. René Escobar Jr. Kyle Sanchez
Ethan Hwang Ethan Hwang James
Cameron Nicoll Cameron Nicoll David
Tricia Black Tricia Black Norris
Rachel Risen Rachel Risen Olive
David Tompa David Tompa Fred
Shreya Patel Shreya Patel Female Neighbour
Masini McDermott Masini McDermott Phyllis
Jarrett Siddall Jarrett Siddall Adult David
Tremaine Nelson Tremaine Nelson Male Neighbour
Deshay Padayachey Deshay Padayachey Harpal
Seth Murchison Seth Murchison Kevin