The Last Voyage of The Demeter

The crew of the merchant ship Demeter attempts to survive the ocean voyage from Carpathia to London as they are stalked each night by a merciless presence onboard the ship.

A crew sailing from Varna (Bulgaria) by the Black Sea to England find that they are carrying very dangerous cargo.

GENRES                                               : Mystery & Thriller, Horror, Fantasy

RUNTIME                                            : 1h 58min

PRODUCTION COUNTRY             : Germany, India, United Kingdom, United States

DIRECTOR                                          : André Øvredal

CAST                                                     :

Corey Hawkins Corey Hawkins Clemens
Aisling Franciosi Aisling Franciosi Anna
Liam Cunningham Liam Cunningham Captain Eliot
David Dastmalchian David Dastmalchian Wojchek
Chris Walley Chris Walley Abrams
Jon Jon Briones Jon Jon Briones Joseph
Stefan Kapicic Stefan Kapicic Olgaren
Martin Furulund Martin Furulund Larsen
Nikolai Nikolaeff Nikolai Nikolaeff Petrofsky
Woody Norman Woody Norman Toby
Javier Botet Javier Botet Dracula / Nosferatu
Graham Turner Graham Turner Constable
Andy Murray Andy Murray Deputy Fisher
Nicolo Pasetti Nicolo Pasetti Deputy Hirsch
Christopher York Christopher York Fletcher – Whitby
Vladimir Cabak Vladimir Cabak Harbour Master
Rudolf Danielewicz Rudolf Danielewicz Old Romani Wiseman
Noureddine Farihi Noureddine Farihi One-Eyed Sailor
Malcolm Galea Malcolm Galea Sailor #1 – Card Game
Adam Shaw Adam Shaw Lightkeeper
Jack Doggart Jack Doggart Son of Lightkeeper
Joe Depasquale Joe Depasquale Sailor #2 – Card Game
Sally Reeve Sally Reeve Barmaid


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